Tevish-Na is the capital city of the Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish.  It sits in the grassy hills upon the island of Na located off the southern coast of Tevish. Many visitors ferry from Port Faith up the island's estuary and the Na river into docks located not far from the city's walls.

Demographics Edit

Tevish-Na is mostly dominated by humans, though other races can be found here as well. Though making up only a small portion of the population, the elves have a district of wooden houses built upon some vast trees within the city walls. It is a Large City with a population of around 15,000 (75% human, 7% Elf, 5% Dwarf, 3% Half-Elf, 3% Gnome, 2% Half-Orc, 2% Halfling, 3% other).

St. Cuthbert is the patron deity of the city, though other large temples can be found to other good and neutral deities. Notably, the elves have a temple dedicated to Corellon Larethian carved into the trunk of the largest tree, planted near the entrance of the elven district. Most people suspect that a temple to Nerull exists somewhere in an abandoned building or in the back of a store used as a front, but there is no proof of such a place existing.

Politics Edit

Tevish-Na is a monarchy ruled by the human King Devlin Tevish XIV. He makes a public appearance every 21 days, where he addresses any news, decrees, or concerns of the citizens. Every 42 days he leads a forum of public leaders from representatives of each city within his kingdom. King Devlin's High Vizier is a half-elf named Zabrak.

The city guard is lead by Captain Grak'ka, a seasoned half-orc warrior. He oversees the elite police force called the "High Templars." The military force of Tevish has its general located in the city of tevish. The female gnomish General Breehana Swiftspear oversees the military operations of all of Tevish, including the powerful Tevishian navy.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • The Holy Temple of St. Cuthbert: The region's patron deity holds the largest temple in the city, lead by a human apostle named Harvey Lewey. He leads a retinue of 20 priests and 50 acolytes.
  • Harland's Hammer: A male dwarven weaponsmith named Harland produces weapons of exceptional quality here. Harland's Hammer is a two-storey stone-walled building, with several leaded glass windows. It is built around a huge dragon-shaped forge
  • West Ring Village: The West Ring Village houses 34 different noble houses, most notably including:
    • Holes Merdye: The human noble Holes leads a guild of mercenaries. If you need a sell-sword, Holes and the Tevishian Mercenary guild are the place for you. He often lends his men to the Tevishian army and is afforded lowered taxes and levies as a result.
    • Delrynn Shom: House Shom is one of the most successful trading houses in Amar. The female half-elf Delrynn has made a fortune caravanning goods around Amar and her trade houses, while not known for the exquisite quality of goods, are known as places where anything you want can be found.
    • Shaelarr Thelmin: Shaelarr, the lesser drow noblewoman of house Thelmin has erected a library on her property where much knowledge can be found, especially that of magical secrets her drow ancestors held.
  • Diviner's Don: This Inn is a single-storey building located in the Roseford District and is located among many exotic shops.  It was once owned by a powerful wizard and patrons sometimes experience strange and prophetic dreams. The current owner is an elf named Iara. Accommodations include many large rooms with feathered beds and elven furniture.
  • Hog's Head: Located in a busy crossroads, this three-storey timber and brick inn is common among visitors to the city.  Owned by a short male dwarf named Alin, accomodations include several small rooms with cots.  It was once a barracks and has many weapons and shields decorating the walls.
  • Guild of the Guilders: A gnomish goldsmith named Rango runs this coin mintery, located within the Craftsman's Ward. It supplies most of the gold pieces used in the Tevish region. Rango and his guild are commissioned for expensive works of art, however.
  • Selrain's Sorcerous Wands: This shop is a two-storey half-timbered building, with a reinforced wooden door and dwarf-wrought iron furnishings. The roof is crowned by garoyles. The shopkeeper is a slender male halfling named Gauwis Selrain. He blames dragons for every misfortune. It is located in the arcane quarter, near a colossal silver tree. It stands next to a verdant public garden.
  • Warder's Rest: A poor inn located in the southern part of town.  It is owned by a male halfling named Warder.  Furniture is rough-hewn and wooden; accommodations consist of several cots in the cellar.