Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish

Map of Tevissh

The Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish is a region of Amar, located at the southern edge of the continent. It has a warm climate and is covered in grasslands. The capital of Tevish is located on an island off of the main land.  Another Island to the south holds a small settlement.

Cities, Towns, and Other Areas of InterestEdit

  • An-Milan: The northernmost city located at the edge of vastwood, it's denizens are mostly human and elven.
  • Orbeorn: Located on the southwestern peninsula, Orbeorn is a city located on the most fertile land of the region.  As such it grows many crops for the rest of the kingdom.
  • Hander: The city of Hander was named for a great human hero of old.  It is the easternmost city of the region and acts as a main stop for trade routes coming from the Boroshian Lands to the east.
  • Port Faith: The fishing capital of Tevish and possibly the world, Port Faith is a bustling metropolis that deals in shipping goods, fishing, and also houses the kingdom's expansive navy.
  • Fort Mur: Fort Mur was established many years ago to curb a plague of bandit attacks.  Its outriders help protect trade caravans and keep watch on Bandit camps forming to the northwest.
  • Findrag: A town located on the southwestern coast, it is home to many humans, water orcs, and water halflings.  Though many of the locals sustain themselves by fishing there are rumors of pirates hiding out in the town.
  • Rae Crossroads: All trade coming in and out of the region passes through these crossroads.  Though few people live here, many merchants stop here to set up shop for a time.  Like Fort Mur, many of the Crossroad's troops keep an eye on bandit activity.
  • Pesca: Pesca is a small, happy fishing community located on the same island as Tevish-Na.
  • Dumlin Grounds: The Dumlin grounds are an encampment where many brutes, bandings, and other ne'er do-wells tend to stay.  It is relatively well fortified, though they are watched clossely by the surrounding towns.
  • Llaron: This town lies on a small island connected by a bridge to Tevish-Na.
  • Marshton: Marshton is located on a western island south of the main continent near an inactive volcano.  The citizens here mostly work collected peat from the nearby bog to exported to the north to help heat their homes.
  • Ruins of Curu: Curu was once a gnomish metropolis, and was abandoned under mysterious circumstances.  Many gnomes consider the area unholy and anathema, warning adventurers not to go there.
  • Tevish-NaCapitol of the Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish.


The main exports of Tevish are fish, peat, and exotic wood.