The Realm of Einiond is a region of Amar, located west of the Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish. It is mostly dominated


by hilly plains and vast estuaries and lakes. In the eastern area lies Vastwood, a great forest mostly populated by high elves and wild elves. Near the western coast are two great swamps named the Sibling Swamp, though it used to connect a settlement was built in them and the swamp has been cut down and filled in. Located on a large island in the east is the Monastery of the Unseen. The Realm of Einond is mostly populated by elves, halflings, humans, half-elves, raptorans, and shifters.  The Realm of Einond has the highest population of any region in Amar.

Cities, Towns, and Other Areas of Interest Edit

  • Arwood: The town of Arwood rose around a logging camp.  Many of its citizens work as lumberjacks collecting timber and some exotic woods such as darkwood, ironwood, and mahogany.
  • Athtar: The elven outpost of Athtar serves as both a welcome and a warning.  It is one of the two border towns of the elves and it welcomes in many traders as well as providing defense of the forest.
  • Camor: This city lies between both halves of the sibling swamp and is mostly populated by humans.  The city grew from a sprawling town that has slowly cut away at the surrounding swamp and filled in the land to make the area more hospitable. A special species of silkworm is known to reside in the swamp, and the city is famous for its fine silks.
  • Castow's Grip: Located just east of the capital, Castow's Grip was founded by the mighty warlord Castow the Cruel from the Gnolls that once inhabited the area.  It is now the last large city most traveling to the Monastery of the Unseen will pass through.  The city has a mostly human population, though some gnolls and a large population of gnarls can be found here.
  • Cheafalls: The halfling city of Cheafalls has stood frozen in time for as long as anybody can remember.  Though there are some homes for the larger races, the population is almost completely that of the halflings.  Their main exports are exotic tobaccos and tubers.  The current mayor of Cheafalls is Dufflin Strongfoot, though his term ends in eight years.
  • Devlin: Devlin is a halfling town located north of Cheafalls, along the coast of the estuary.  Its halflings are a little more open to change than their southern relatives, and most halfling travelers come from this town. The famous Snubtooth Family Brewery is located in Devlin.
  • Eglargond: The elven city of Eglargond sits in the Vast forest and marks the easternmost territory of the elves. To the elves, this is the capitol of their homeland.  The Metropolis is mostly vertical, with many buldings situated in the trees, though many buildings of fine stonework are found on the ground.  The elves are known for their finely crafted weapons and armor, which they create for wealthy citizens of other areas.  Elluin, the lord of Eglargond has permitted other folk to come to his forest for the past 200 years, establishing favorable trade for all involved.  Many travellers marvel at the wondrous elven city.
  • Erstway: The regions westernmost town is a coastal fishing town.  Many clams, crabs, and shrimp are fished from the waters here, which provide most of the shellfish eaten in the region and across Amar.
  • Evrand: The northernmost city is quite sprawling and comprised mostly of single-storey buildings (even the duke's mansion is only one storey high, though it has an extensive basement system).  The great plains riders of Einiond are the area's fiercest military force, some would consider them the greatest cavalry in all of Amar.  Until the rule of King Leopold IV, Evrand was the region's capital city.
  • Fort Merwin: Fort Merwin works closely with the elven outposts in keeping the forest and plains clean of many of the evils that come to be in the forest. It's guards mostly stick close to the fort or patrol the forest, as the great plains riders of Einiond patrol most of the roads.
  • Glery: The town of Glery is world-famous for its Jet jewelry.  Jet is a gem formed from petrified wood, and the region around the town is rich in it.  The city boasts formidable jewelers and crafters that utilize the gem in many different arts.
  • Great City of Geld: The Great City, currently ruled by King Erwin, is the current capital of Einiond.  After a great war in which the prior capital was ransacked, King Leopold IV retreated to Geld and named it the new capital.  And thus it has stayed that way for the past 200 years.  Though Evrand was eventually re-taken fifty years later, Geld remains the capitol of the city.  Geld produces many crops seen as exotic to other regions of the world: Coconut, Eggplant, Heart of Palm, Kale, Mustard, Pinneapple, and Watermelons.
  • Port Lochabor: The southernmost city in the region is a port that receives most goods by ship from Tevish.  Its namesake is for the curved poleaxes their guards use quite proficiently.
  • Rhum: Rhum was once a settlement populated by Bog Giants, though they seemed to leave for no discernable reason.  Some particularly brave druids and wizards have been known to seek out the magic secrets the giants may have left behind.
  • Ruins of Caelum: The ruins of Caelum were once another elven outpost, though it was razed when a large group of Drow attacked from the mountains to the west.
  • Traft: The small port town of Traft is mostly concerned with the trade and shipping of goods to the town of Veil. Traft is the main supply of goods to Veil and the Monastery.
  • Tyhill: Tyhill is the main trade city of the region, seeing many elven goods come through before being distributed to the world.  The city boasts a large Raptoran population and has many tall towering buldings with second entrances on upper storeys.
  • Veil: Veil is a very small town located at the base of a mountain, founded by those that follow the ways of the monastery but do not have the physical or mental prowess to study the way of the monk.
  • The Verge: Located on a small pocket of arable land between the swamp and estuary, The Verge has always been a dangerous place due to its proximity to the less patrolled areas of the swamp.  Not a month goes by without an attempt by trolls to snatch away folks and destroy crops, but with the help of some highly skilled halfling and human warriors, the trolls are mostly unsuccessful.
  • Vulas: Vulas is the southern elven outpost, and acts in much the same way as Athtar.
  • Wadun: The split city of Wadun is located on the estuary separating most of the region.  Half of the city is on the northern bank and half is located on the southern bank with a labyrinth of bridges and platforms connecting the two regions.