Free Land of Mish

The Free Land of Mish is a realm located in the northern region of Amar. It is located north of Sovereign Kingdom of Tevish and west of the Kingdom of Ulihm. It is a land ruled not by a single king, but each different city and town is independent. Its population is the most diverse of the main regions of play as a result, as many settlements welcome diverse and unusual citizens into their walls- as long as they follow the laws.

Cities, Towns, and Other Areas of Interest Edit

  • Batun's Retreat: Baron Batun set up a check-in along the road near his mansion for incoming trade caravans looking to visit the region.
  • Beyford: The city has a mixed human and elven population. Beyford sits in the fork of the Hameen River and is built on the water and requires a small ferry to reach. It is governed by a consortium of wealthy merchants, known as the Assembly of Tomes, who have become rich off of the gathering and sale of ancient knowledge.
  • Cadun: The largest city of the region is comprised primarily of humans, though it is home to many communities of other races. The city is a chaotic patchwork of architectural styles. Two factions struggle for control of the city, several powerful sorcerers and a noble aristocrat, the human lady Benne Cote. Recently freed from a tyrant, the city is currently working to rebuild from the coupe d'etat.  The most prominent tavern is The Viridian Mace, on Dusk Side.
  • Calm Rill: This river drains Lake Vriln to the northern sea.
  • Carmerth: The island of Carmerth sits in lake mendethil, which has a small ferry that visits each bank twice a day.  The primary population is comprised of Humans, Half-Dryads and Shadar-Kin, though some elves and halflings make their homes here.  The town is home to Alverion Lightspat, a famous human painter.  The backway retreat is a quality inn that is known to host great musicians from across the land.
  • Castead: Castead is a city is encircled by a crumbling stone wall. It is governed by a consortium of guildmasters, led by a female human named Leila. Castead has seen better days, and its markets are derelict and empty.  Many of its wealthier citizens have moved to other cities in the area, though some of the more stubborn humans and dwarves still reside here.  Currently Cadun sends what little aid they can in supplies to help the citizens remaining in Castead.
  • Elburh: Elburh has a mixed population of human, lesser drow, and gnome. The town is defended by a wooden palisade and moat. It is ruled by a tyrant, the human lady Eanswyth. The College of Sorcerous Study is a common destination for academics and sages.
  • Fort Solemn Hope: This outpost is a dwarven stronghold, run by Lord Runewrath. He has a small retinue of warriors at his command that he uses to patrol the roads. Located at the stronghold is a small nameless Inn that hosts caravans and adventurers passing through, as well as a few region-famous artisans. Many masterworked arms and armor found in Mish are forged in Fort Solemn Hope.
  • Greyminster: The city is dominated by several tall towers. Its population is mostly gnomish and halfling, though many "big folk" make their homes here as well. Much of the architecture takes into account the needs of both the big and small citizens it has. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human lord Monder, though several powerful sorcerers have significant influence and power. Greyminster was struck by a divine curse recently, and tormented ghosts haunt its streets at night.  The citizens of Greyminster look for something to blame for this, though the true reason for the haunting is currently unknown.
  • Hacot Estate: Lord Hacot's private estate rests a few miles from the road here, and he has established a small village nearby where weary travelers can stay. A few families tend to farms a few miles from the town and sell their harvest to replenish the food needs of those passing through. A temple of Fharlanghn has been erected in the town and blesses any traveler through that would accept it.
  • Hameen River: This river starts in the mountains and drains into Lake Mendethil and Lake Vildin.
  • Lake Mendethil: A small lake housing the island of Carmerth.
  • Lake Vildin: Lake Vildin houses a small island mostly populated by monstrous spiders and game.
  • Lake Vreln: Lake Vreln is the primary source of water for Greyminster.
  • Lebury: Lebury is built around a stronghold of stone and iron called the World Fortress . It is governed by a court of aristocrats that are voted into power every five years.  The population is primarily human, though the rest is a mix of other civilized races.  There is a guildhall located here for the Order of the Iron Minds, warriors that use their psionic abilities to empower their defenses.
  • Mulbaraz: This large town is home to the Salram trading guild, known for their dealings with glacier dwarves to the north. An impressive dock is found here, and many cold-climate fish are caught here and comprise most of the locals' diets.
  • Otgate: A small trading village set up for travelers from the south, Otgate houses a small militia that patrols the roads.
  • Ruins of Qorwin: Qorwin was once a glacier dwarf settlement. Though its ultimate fate is unkown, the glaciar dwarves now reside to the north on vast cities carved into ice.
  • Semoor: Semoor is a diverse city of mountain gnomes, dwarves, and humans. The town sits upon the banks of a river, spanned by several bridges. It is lead by a triumvirate comprised of one gnome, one dwarf, and one human. Many of its buildings have a coin set above the door to honor Garl Glittergold and Olidammara.