Fort Bristol is a very small walled settlement located at the the main crossroads of the region. Its permanent population is about 100, as it only houses a contingent force of knights and guardsman that patrol the nearby highways. Visitors are common however, so the number of people in the settlement fluctuates up to triple that number.

The city has three main gates, each with a guard tower overlooking it. Between 3-5 guards are constantly vetting visitors both incoming and leaving at any given time.

Notable Places Edit

  • Fort Bristol: The eponymous fortress is a three-storey brick and stone fort built off the side of the wall. This building works as a barracks for anywhere between 75 to 150 knights, warriors, and watchmen.
  • Good Tidings Inn: The only inn located in town is a two-storey stone building. It is run by a female gnome named Gulia Liftrock and her half-orc husband, who works as a both cook and bouncer Arkwe Liftrock. The top floor houses several high-class rooms, the first floor has normal accommodations, and the bottom floor has poor accommodations. Built onto the side of the inn is a stable for beasts of burden.
  • Market Square: With so many daily visitors, many different caravans, travelers, and merchants will set up a temporary shop for other passersby to purchase their wares. As such, it can be difficult to find specific goods at any given time, but you never know what might be available.
  • Warehouse: Many regular caravans and merchants that travel through will often pay to have their goods stored here. However, any traveler can have their goods stored for a price.
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