The city of Delphi is a large bustling city that oversees most trade caravans from the dwarves to the north to Borosh and The Sovereign Nation of Tevish. It is a large city with a population of around 19,000.

Delphi is bordered by expansive fields used by local farmers to raise their dire sheep herds. While Delphi facilitates trade to and from the Kingdom of Ulihm, it exports its own dire sheep wool and goods made with it to other regions.

Demographics Edit

Delphi hosts a much larger population of dwarves than other cities within the region. Many are traders from the north, though some clans have set home here many generations ago. The population is 40% human, 25% dwarf, 10% gnome, 8% elf, 5% lesser drow, 4% half-elf, 3% half-orc, 5% other.

Politics Edit

Delphi operates free from most of the politics of Borosh, though the worship of Bahamut is still relatively prevalent compared to other regions of the world. Delphi has its own small military force, along with a pretty large guard force lead by Grophin Snickle, a male half-orc. He has come to calling his forces the White Lions, and they dress in tabards of white with a plate helmets fashioned as a lion head.

Delphi has a reputation for being a place where any vice can be found. It is generally known that illicit substances and hard-to-find goods can be found for the right price. It also houses many whorehouses (most located within Canal Ward, on Sustle Avenue), and several casinos can be found within Coin District, along with a large spectacle arena nestled within Lion's Village.

One of the most powerful dwarven clans to have moved to Delphi, the Tomekeeper familiar faced a schism nearly 600 years ago. The Tomekeeper clan are the main historians of the dwarven kingdom, and a dispute over a historical event between brothers Ingraham and Dervin left to them parting ways. Now both halves of the Tomekeeper family have a deep disgust for each other, and have estates on opposite sides of the city. Two sections of the city, Tome Village and Tome Borough hold the Tomekeeper namesake.

Notable Places Edit

  • The Coliseum: A large oval amphitheater within Lion's Village, known for its trials by combat. Gladiatorial battles between men and mythical beasts are the favorite of the crowd.
  • Den of the White Lion: The guardhouse lies squarely within Lion's Village, just next to the barracks. It is a large brick building with bronze lion statues flanking either side of the stairs leading up to the entrance.
  • Estate of Lord Ingraham Tomekeeper XIV: The estate of one half of the Tomekeeper clan lies within Tome Borough. It only has one floor of smooth granite above ground, but extends into deep tunnels and halls underground befitting a royal dwarf.
  • The Flask and Ghost: A large adventurer's tavern, built within what was once a stone wizard's tower in southern Feykeep District. Anyone who enters the inn becomes attended by a personal ghostly companion, who serves and entertains them while they remain. Accommodations include many comfortable beds set up in what was once a grand arcane lab and several private rooms on the upper floors. The tavern is run by a fair female halfling named Beladona Agrich.
  • Fleshward Clinic: A gathering of some of the most skilled surgeons in all of Amar run this clinic with help from local priests. Allurin Mattel, a female lesser drow is the lead surgeon and uses ancient drow knowledge of alchemy to help heal citizens within the clinic.
  • The Garden of Statues: An overgrown garden filled with weirdly life-like stone statues. It is said that a medusa once made its lair in a dungeon below the city.
  • Draconic Guile Alchemy: In Rosebridge Ward is a two-storey building of half-timbered walls, with tall elf-wrought wooden shelves. It is well lit by flasks of glowing oil set upon shelves. A nervous male dwarf named Raudri runs this alchemist's shop. Word on the street is he deals in common poisons.
  • The Golden Dragon's Mint: A quaint sandstone building lies within coin district, it is a mint run by a female human half-gold dragon named Brissa. She is known for using her fiery breath to melt the gold to be minted into coins featuring the crest of the Boroshian royal family on one side and Bahamut on the other. Her young apprentice, a male gith named Zen'tur works dilligently to one day take over the mint.
  • The Naga's Quill: A single storey brick building, with several leaded glass windows lies within northern armorer's district. Its walls are covered in a collection of adventurer's maps and it is run by a thin male elf named Guilemmoth. He extends a small discount to clerics.
  • Rolfidotr's Pottery: A large potter's workshop within Feykeep District, decorated with many of what appear to be dragon eggs. Rolfidotr is an aging male gnome who seeks an apprentice to carry on his work.
  • The Stormspire: Within Tome Borough, an obelisk of dark stone, engraved with columns of arcane glyphs. Each time the spire is struck by lightning, it vanishes for exactly nine hours. Each time it returns, some of the glyphs have changed.
  • Thelry's Extraordinary Armor and Shields: Within Canal Ward, on Blackstone Rise surrounded by busy streets and noisy taverns lies a two-storey building of stone wall. It is decorated with several leaded glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor. The air is filled with thick smoke and the sound of hammers. The shopkeeper is an old male human named Thelry. He is a retired thief, and keeps a collection of various maps and keys.
  • Villa of the Venerated Sir Dervin Tomekeeper XIII: The villa of one half of the Tomekeeper clan is nestled within Tome Village. It is a large carved stone building with expansive towers topped with flags bearing his insignia.
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