Boroshian Lands
The Boroshian Lands comprise the southwestern region of Amar. Within this region is located the Paragon Jungle and Barrier Wastes. The Boroshian Lands are home to many humans, halflings, goblinoids, and half-orcs.  The area is warm and relatively humid.  Its capital, Borosh, is located near the southern tip of the continent.  Most people don't wander out into the unhibitable parts of the desert, though there are rumors of civilizations that have thrived in the inhospitable lands and many adventurers leave to seek these places out.

Cities, Towns, and Other Areas of InterestEdit

  • Borosh: Located along the Teur River, the capital rests on the coast in a very fertile region.  The many Cyprus trees located along the river are used to create paper used by most denizens of Amar.
  • HighpassThis northeastern city is located closest to the border of Tevish and sees a lot of trade come through.  Exotic plants and woods from the jungle are exported from here.  Of the region, Highpass is the most diverse city. It was founded by Gith and houses a small population of goblinoids.
  • Navhiid: The city of Navhiid lies in the fertile area along the Teur River, and is where most of the farming and fishing of the region occur.  The mud fields here are used to mostly grow rice.  Navhiid uses sailboats running down the river to move most goods to Borosh, and as such this is where most trade caravans let off their goods before travelling elsewhere.
  • Delphi: The city of Delphis is located at the northern border of the region and sees most traders coming from the northern regions pass through. Delphi's main exports are wool from their large sheep farms.
  • Dullin: Located on the border of the desert, this small town was founded by adventurers looking to send expeditions out into the desert.
  • Fort Bristol: Fort Bristol was founded to protect travelers and traders moving near the jungle and to the other cities of the region.  Though mostly dealing with jungle animals, attacks from sapient races in the jungle are not unheard of.
  • Glinklup: The settlement of Glinklup is located under the waters of Lake Vanguard.  It is populated by Sahuagin, though some evil Aquatic Elves and Merfolk are known to live there as well.  They do not trade with the other settlements in the region and mostly keep to themselves, though some foolish adventurers have been known to try and make contact with the city.